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Planning Assesments


Planning Assessments

A planning assessment is a valuable tool which can be used as the basis for evaluating different enterprises:

·                Planning applications,

·                Appeals,

·                Property Valuations,

·                Compulsory Purchase Orders

Assessing the development potential of a site includes for a site inspection and a detailed examination of how it conforms to planning requirements in a number of key areas:

  • Development Plan Zoning
  • Development Control Standards
  • Advice on Urban Design and Layout
  • Government Policy:
          National Spatial Strategy

Architectural Heritage Protection

Architectural Heritage Protection for Places of Worship

Best Practice Urban Design Manual

Best Practice Urban Design Manual

Childcare Facilities Guidelines

Design Standards for New Apartments

Landscape and Landscape Assessment and Appendices

Provision of Schools and the Planning System

Quarries and Ancillary Activities

Rural Housing Policies and Local Need Criteria

Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas

Wind Energy Development

The Planning System and Flood Risk Management

Planning Assessments are an important tool for setting out the most appropriate course of action for the future development of your land. Planning Appraisals are also useful in establishing the value of your land for sales purposes or in the event that your lands are Compulsorily Purchased by the Council or NRA.

Planning Enforcement

Knowledge of your rights and entitlements is essential in dealing with Enforcement Issues. Sean Lucy and Associates have extensive expertise in planning legislation and would be pleased to advise you on dealing with Enforcement Proceedings in accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2000.

·                Advice on dealing with Enforcement Proceedings under Planning and Development Act 2000

·                Preparation of responses to Enforcement Notices.

Development Plan Submissions

Zoning submissions for Local Area Plans, Village Plans, Town Plans and County Development Plans.Planning Authorities are obliged to make a Development Plan every Six years under the Planning and Development Act 2000.

In the making of a Development Plan which commences Four years after the making of a Plan, the general public can have at least three opportunities to make submission or observations in respect of the review of the Plan within a specified period.

The making of a Development Plan is a key time for landowners and the general public to have their say in the future development of their area.

Sean Lucy and Associates have considerable experience in the preparing submissions in respect of Development Plans throughout the country in respect of many different land uses.

Zoning Submissions include:

Residential, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Business Parks, Masterplans, and Amenity.