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Impact Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment

Sean Lucy and Associates have experience in the preparation of, compilation of, contribution to and the reviewing of Environmental Impact Statements in accordance with Part 10 of the Planning and Development Regulations.

Projects undertaken include: Quarries, piggeries, agricultural development, waste management facilities.

Visual Impact Assessment

Visual impact is a key area of concern in respect of many developments. Often addressing the visual impact is crucial to ensuring a successful permission.

Sean Lucy and Associates can carry out a full visual impact assessment including preparation of photomontages to give a clearer picture as to how the development might look once development.

Retail Impact Assessment

Sean Lucy and Associates have considerable experience in the preparation of Retail Impact Assessments.

Retail Impact Assessments are required to address the following criteria and demonstrate whether or not the proposal would:

Support the long term strategy for town centres as established in the development plan and not materially diminish the prospect of attracting private sector investment into one or more town centres.

Cause an adverse impact on one or more town centres, either singly or cumulatively with recent developments or other outstanding planning permissions, sufficient to undermine the quality of the centre or its role in the economic and social life of the community.

Diminish the range of activities and services that a town centre can support.

Cause an increase in the number of vacant properties in the primary retail area that is likely to persist in the long term.

Ensure a high standard of access both by public transport, foot and private car so that the proposal is easily accessible by all sections of society.

Link effectively with an existing town centre so that there is likely to be commercial synergy. 

Carrying out a Retail Impact Assessment in advance of starting a planning application is key to ensuring a successful decision.