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Consultations & Site Inspections


Clients are welcome to attend for a consultation with professional planners from our office. Each individual case is different and must be treated as such. Consultations provide an excellent opportunity for planners in our office to gain an insight into the background into the case and enable the planner to establish the needs of our clients and set out the most appropriate course of action in each case.

Following on from the initial consultation there may be a number of additional consultations with the client and their architect or engineer depending on the type of the application.
Our specialist planning service has been developed from the expert knowledge of Sean Lucy who has a longterm experience in Local Authorities and seven years with An Bord Pleanála as well as 14 years in private practice.

Knowledge of planning law is the strongest aspect of the day to day work in Sean Lucy and Associates, we are contacted on a daily basis to advise on all aspects of planning law and our knowledge comes from wide experience of projects throughout the country and from being involved at all stages in the planning system.

Site Inspections

Site inspections are an essential part of the planning process as every site requires a different planning approach.

A site inspection serves to determine all the relevant planning issues which need to be addressed e.g. visual impact, access, traffic, impact on neighbouring properties, drainage noise etc.

Identifying the issues prior to an application, appeal, or hearing is extremely important as it enables the applicant to address any potential problems in advance.

Pre-Planning Meetings

Pre-planning discussions with the Planning Authority planners and engineers and with prescribed bodies can prove extremely beneficial in progressing an application, particularly where complicated issues arise.

Sean Lucy and Associates are happy to set up and attend pre-planning meetings on your behalf.

We circulate minutes of all our meetings to provide greater consistency later on in the planning process.

Pre-planning meetings usually take place in the Local Authority or Department Offices, however in some instances we can arrange for on-site pre-planning meetings which can prove very useful.